Since Hip-hop can be one of the most vibrant, interesting musical genres and the lyrics can be uplifting or somber, funny or violent it has become a perfect tool to tell my personal story. It is the art form that is rich with history and is the proper outlet for many living an underdog lifestyle.
The name and idea of FLIHII Records came to me at the most challenging time of my life. I felt by just saying FLIHII that I could rise above my past present and future obstacles, plus deal with the unwanted hate. The concept of FLIHII took on its official definition when a friend of mine suggested I give each letter a meaning. That is when FLIHII became the acronym for flowing, like, I, have, intense inspiration. I hope to continue to be inspired by life and inspire and motivate others with my music and work ethic. I want FLIHII Records to make quality sounding music with heart and soul and intelligence. Eventually, FLIHII Records will be a successful and respected company and will branch out into other business ventures.

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